GCS.uno web-based Ground Control Station

Live Remote Operation

for Your Autonomous Fleet


GCS.uno is a web-based Ground Control System application for BVLOS control of UAVs and UGVs.

  • Live remote control using keyboard, onscreen joystick or regular gamepads

  • Live video stream

  • Autonomous mission flights

  • Scheduled or event-triggered flights

  • External viewers without or limited control capabilities

  • 3rd party services integration

Basic Features


Supported autopilots





​Additional features:

  • Users management

  • Onsite weather report

  • Advanced statistics

  • AirMapDroneLogBook, UTM integration


  • Email and chat support

  • Installation and configuration help

Coming soon...


  • Any customization

  • 3rd party software API integration

  • Optional hardware integration

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